World Book, Inc. has been a leading educational and reference publisher for over 100 years, providing
exceptional resources for the library and classroom, and serving over 100 million students across 65+
countries. Their robust product suite includes highly engaging digital databases, eBooks and streaming
content, the legendary print encyclopedia, and award-winning nonfiction print books.

World Book, Inc. is located in Downtown Chicago and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and the Scott Fetzer company.

World Book Materials Contract 2022-2025

Contract Number: LVA-MAT-22-007/CTR005837-1

Sales Representative:

Amber Peacock, Educational Sales Consultant
180 N. LaSalle St., #900, Chicago, IL 60601
T: (912) 596-1288
[email protected]

General Customer Service:

T: (800)-975-3250