One of MALiA’s primary functions is to develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and negotiate contracts with vendors on behalf of its members. Because of the organization’s collective buying power, members receive substantial discounts, as much as 45 percent, on books, periodicals, videos, audiocassettes, compact discs, and other materials.

To receive MALiA contract discounts, provide the contract number and your MALiA member number on every purchase order, unless otherwise instructed by the vendor.

Note: MALiA originated in Virginia and contracts with vendors are set up to meet the purchasing regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia by arrangement with the Library of Virginia. While many states have similar purchasing requirements, MALiA does not guarantee the MALiA approved vendor contracts will meet the purchasing regulations of other states. It is highly recommended that any non-Virginia state agencies check with their purchasing administrations to confirm that such purchases will be honored. In addition, since terms and discounts offered by contracted MALiA vendors may be dependent upon location, we recommend that non-Virginia members contact your preferred vendor to verify compliance before purchasing.

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According to one member, “Having a MALiA membership is like getting additional money for your book budget.”

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