Rainbow Book Company has been providing books to schools and libraries nationwide for over 25 years.  They are a one-stop shop with thousands of partnerships with large and independent publishers and can furnish virtually any title in print.  They also offer their Rainbow Prebounds, created in their on-site bindery.  No matter your size, their specialized services streamline your selection and ordering process.

  • Best source pricing for educational nonfiction
  • Custom collections
  • FREE Collection Development services
  • In-house processing that meets your specifications
  • Multi-user web interface
  • EDI Integration

Rainbow Book Company Materials Contract 2022-2025

Contract Number:  LVA-MAT-22-007/CTR005837-1

Sales Representative:

Michael Beechin
T: (800)-255-0965
F: (800)-827-5988
[email protected]

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