In business for 190 years, Baker & Taylor has worked with members of the MALiA cooperative for over
25 years. They are a leading supplier to Public, Academic, and Special Libraries worldwide and are one of
the world’s largest distributors of books, eBooks, DVD, Music CD, spoken word audio on CD, and related
services. Services include: digital title catalogs and electronic publication alerts, Title Source (web-based
selection and ordering tool), book leasing programs, automatic shipment programs, collection
development services, and customized library services.  See contract for details.

Baker & Taylor Contract 2022-2025
Contract Number: LVA-MAT-22-007/CTR005837-1

Sales Representatives

AL-Leah Sealy ext. 1350/  [email protected]

FL-Fred Harvey ext. 1410/ [email protected]

KY-Leah Sealy ext. 1350/ [email protected]

NC-Jon Jezorski ext. 1230/ [email protected]

TN-Leah Sealy ext 1350/  [email protected]

VA-Jon Jezorski ext. 1230/ [email protected]

WV-Jon Jezorski ext. 1230/ [email protected]

Customer Service:

Book/Spoken Word/eBook

AL-Sandra Whitfield ext. 2770/ [email protected]

FL-Cretia Fitzpatrick ext. 2264/ [email protected]

KY-Kim Waldrop ext. 2764/ [email protected]

NC-Carol LeMasters ext. 2212/ [email protected]

TN-Andrea Turner ext. 2281/ [email protected]

VA-Lee Ann Turner ext. 2783/ [email protected]

WV-Carol LeMasters ext. 2212/ [email protected]

DVDs/Blu-ray/Music CDs

AL-Dan Metro ext. 2097/ [email protected]

FL- Christina Watson ext. 2046/ [email protected]

KY-Heidi Metro ext. 2135/ [email protected]

NC-Jackie Stocker ext. 2162/ [email protected]

TN-Dan Metro ext. 2097/ [email protected]

VA-Heidi Metro ext. 2135/ [email protected]

WV-Jackie Stocker ext. 2162/ [email protected]