WT Cox Information Services has proudly offered personalized subscription services for over 45 years. With over 265,000 print and electronic serials from domestic and foreign publishers, WT Cox is poised to service all of your serials needs.

All WT Cox customers receive free access to CoxNet, our exclusive subscription management system. The user-friendly features provide real-time serials management including title detail, orders, renewals, quick claiming, invoices, a budget tool, extensive reporting options and check-in feature.

Additional offerings include Journal Finder – our A-Z, Link Resolver & ERM solution, Open Access journals, access to Reprints Desk document delivery, usage statistics generator tool eStats and more

WT Cox Subscriptions Inc. 2021-2024 Contract
Contract Number: LVA-SER-21-003/CTR5713-1

Sales Representatives
Robyn Barbour
Regional Director of Sales
201 Village Road
Shallotte, NC 28470
T-800-571-9554 ext 224
[email protected]

Customer Service

Schools and Public Libraries
Dee Hopkins
[email protected]

Academic Libraries
Dawn Babich
[email protected]