Midwest Library Service has been providing print books to academic, public, and special libraries for
more than a half-century. Defined by our superior service, Midwest Library Service provides a
comprehensive range of products, services, and resources. These services include books and A/V
materials supplied from more than 15,000 U.S., Canadian, and U.K. publishers, an out-of-print search
service, free access to our InterACQ database including on-line ordering, e-slip notifications based on
customized profiles, enhanced duplicate checking, fully shelf ready cataloging, and interface with your
ILS for EDI ordering and invoicing.
All customers are assigned an account representative and a dedicated customer service
representative. Our expert staff is committed to fulfilling your entire order, not just those books that
are easily obtained. Our goal is simple: Provide the products, services, and personnel to improve your library’s efficiency.

Midwest Library Service Contract 2022-2025

Contract Number: LVA-MAT-22-007/CTR005837-1

Sales Representative:

Cindy Human
11443 Saint Charles Rock Road
Bridgeton, MO 91311
[email protected]

Customer Service:
Trish Banta
T: (800) 325-8833
Fax: (800) 962-1009
[email protected]