The PLAY table has now been a great success in 40 countries with libraries, schools, hotels, children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses. PLAY is bundled with our numerous educational multi-player games for all age groups, starting at age 3, and is perfect for libraries and family areas as it builds community and collaboration. It allows 2-4 children to engage the table at once. Our satisfaction rate is over 91%. I have attached photos of recent deployments and our PLAY marketing PDF (that has descriptions of all 21 games).

A wonderful brief video of our table in use at libraries:

The PLAY promo video from Novotel, which distributed over 300 tables globally:

Link to short demo videos of 13 of our games for children:

We recently received this wonderful testimonial below and attached photo from Dickinson County Library in Michigan:

“We love the PLAY touch table! Our patrons love the table! Our branches want a table, too! J Some of our favorite features are: the table is so interactive and everyone can enjoy it together! Unlike our computers, which require headphones and make it next to impossible for parents to assist children, the game table is very easy to use and the lack of noise is perfect for a library setting. In addition, we see kids working together, working independently side-by-side, and participating in friendly competition throughout the day. We were pleased with the whole process and look forward to enjoying our PLAY table for years to come!” – Megan Buck, Director.

Also another library testimonial from Kingsport Public Library in Tennessee:

“The kids love it. Every time I pass through the children’s area it is being used. I’ve seen groups of children, as well as a parent and a child playing. I really like seeing the parents and children playing together since many play/learning activities don’t involve parents. We were also concerned about possibly having to limit time or make some children ‘share’ but they’ve actually surprised us and done this themselves. We’ve had as many as six around the table at one time with no issues. Staff love it. The children love it. And the parents also seem to enjoy it. I’m very glad we added this to our interactive play-learning activities in our children’s area!” – Helen Whittaker, Library Manager

The table is only $5,950 plus $391 shipping and comes bundled with complete operating software and 8 games that the library selects from our portfolio of 21. We would provide MALiA members with a $300 table discount plus four free extra games (an additional $400 value) so each table would have 12 games. The overall discount is $700. We also brand the touch screen with the library and/or donor’s logo for no fee. The table is shockproof, waterproof, built for 24/7 use and comes with a 3-year warranty. The tables are made in France and shipped via DHL.

Contact information:

Tom Bannon
Vice President of Sales
M: 646-361-1063