Worlds Unknown Publishers, LLC focus on publishing stories about Africa, her people, its culture, and its
expansive natural beauty. We work with writers and also partner with other publishers from the culture
in which the book is based on. Our authors originate from the African continent which constitutes 54
independent countries with varied tribes that speak unique languages. Every tribe has distinctive
characteristics that include values, traditions, music, style, cuisine, and architecture. These books
explore stories about Africa, her people, culture, and expansive natural beauty that will capture your
imaginations. The readers will experience literature that is authentic, relevant and accurate, thought
provoking, and represent truths written by highly qualified authors, trained to write to diverse genres,
standards, specific grade levels among others.

Our collections includes titles both in English and Swahili languages. All the titles presented in our
catalog are written by authors, inspired by their personal experiences living on the continent of Africa.
They feature some of Africa’s 3000 plus distinct ethnic groups that speak more than 2000 unique
languages. The books hope to inspire readers from various backgrounds to get to know their
contemporaries and similarities in dealing with situations, as they explore their world.

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