Scholastic Library Publishing


The world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, Scholastic Library Publishing provides library and reference books for schools and libraries from the following imprints: Grolier, Children’s Press, Franklin Watts, Grolier Online (sole source) and Scholastic. They maintain, on average, more than 3,900 titles.  Additional services include: free “standard’ MARC records, free standard library processing, and free shipping and handling. See contract for details.

Addendum to 2017-2020 contract: Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. will provide free shipping and handling on all products.

Scholastic Library Publishing Contract 2017-2020
Scholastic Library Publishing Contract Renewal 2020-2021
Scholastic Library Publishing Contract Renewal 2021-2022
Contract Number: 2017-71500-01

Sales Representatives:

Rick Beal
PO Box 1545
Bowling Green, VA 22427

Tennessee/North Carolina
Eason Associates
Debbie Vincent-TN
Julie GAlbiati-NC
PO Box 65875
Orange Park, FL 32065

Customer Service:
T/800-621-1115 x2 followed by x1