Quality Books


Quality Books has been in business for over 45 years.  They are the primary jobber for small presses, working with over 1,700 small and independent presses. Quality Books carry an inventory of over 18,000 titles with an in house inventory of 600,000 copies at all times.  Services include: complete shelf ready processing per library requirements, MARC records, annotated lists, electronic ordering systems, electronic catalog at web site.


1. 0-38% discount, according to the discount that we are given from the publisher. Our discounts for School/Library editions are off of the school/library price, not the list price.
2. Full scale processing is available. Prices will be according to what each library is requesting. Full MARC records are available at $1.00 for each print title and $2.00 for each non-print title and foreign language titles.
3. Freight will be free of charge.

They will honor the terms outlined in their last contract with MALIA.

If you have any questions, please contact

Marcia Beauchem
Customer Service Manager
Quality Books Inc.
1003 West Pines Road
Oregon, IL 61061
(800) 323.4241, ext. 495