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From Rob Mitchell:

Library Ideas is a  young company serving the needs of public libraries and we have some very exciting services that are spreading like wild fire.  I’ve listed some information below on Freading eBooks, Freegal Music, & Rocket Languages.

Freading is an innovative new eBook service for libraries that just went live in 14 libraries across the country, and will be going live in several dozen more this month.  With Freading, patrons have access to the entire collection of over 20,000 eBooks (and growing) on day 1 with no upfront cost or platform fees.  All the titles have multiple simultaneous use (no holds) with an easy to use interface.  The library only pas for actual usage of content and nothing more (every dollar spent is guaranteed circulation!), with plenty of tools to assist in managing your budget.  Freading is compatible with most major devices and has apps for all Apple products (iPhone, iPad,.etc) and Android mobile devices.  Freading is meant as a supplement to a libraries existing eBook offerings and not necessarily as a replacement.  Implementation is incredibly easy for staff.

Freegal Music is the music service that libraries have wanted for years (testimonials attached).  It is a turnkey service that has millions and millions of songs from both Major and Independent labels representing over 100 genres.  Freegal is DRM-free and has no download manager, does not require any software or a platform, making it the most patron-friendly download service you can offer.   It works with PCs and Macs, and transfers to all devices including the IPod.   Complete reports and authentication are also provided.   We also offer several technical tools to help libraries stay within a set budget, regardless of the size library.  Freegal Music is live at a fast-growing number of library systems (more than 600 systems!) across the country such as New York Public, Philadelphia Free, Nashville, TN, Los Angeles Public, Cleveland Public, Orange County Library System, FL and Buffalo, NY.

Of course as the vendor we are saying positive things about Freegal, but here are some of the things libraries have said:

}  “Freegal Music has provided our library customers with unparalleled access to the world of music.   Since beginning the service earlier this year, our library’s circulation of downloadable music alone, accounts for appx 44% of the overall digital collection in an average month.” Sally Kramer, Manager Collection Development The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

}  “We have been blown away by the response,” said Tony Tallent, the Richland County Public Library’s director of literacy and learning. “It has just been incredible. We knew that it was something the public would go for, and they sure have.”  From The State, August 21, 2011

}  “It’s been great,” said Kirk Blankenship of the Seattle library. “We saw a spike in new card requests, and it brought a lot of people to the library not just for those songs, but for the other services.” Front page article, The Oregonian, Feb. 13, 2011

Rocket Languages is not only the most affordable language learning program on the market, but it was ranked #1 by PC Magazine in 2010.  There is over 62 hours of instruction for each language, and the interactive instruction includes games & quizzes, keeping it fun for patrons.  The instruction can be streamed or downloaded, and the downloads are DRM Free, meaning the patron can keep the instruction!  We are also the only service with American Sign Language.  Language learning programs are something most libraries in the country offer; however, they are never the most used services in a library.  The key is to find a great one at a great price – Rocket is just that.

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