Midwest Tape is the largest supplier of DVDs, music CDs, audio books, and digital media to over 10,000 public libraries throughout North America. They have over 2 million dollars in inventory with a fulfillment rate of 98%.  Midwest Tape can provide systems to interface with all major ILS systems.  Services include; free brief MARC records, customized standing order programs, VIP Digital Label Integration processing, opening day collections, 1 year guarantee on all audiovisual materials sold, processing, and free shipping on all orders.   See contract for details.

Note: Vendor has agreed to provide free shipping on all orders by MALiA members.

Midwest Tape Contract 2022-2025

Contract Number: LVA-MAT-22-007

Sales Representative:
Eric Timm
1417 Timberwolf Drive
Holland, OH 43528
T/ 800-875-2785
F/ 800-444-6645

Customer Service:
Kelly White
T/ 800-875-2785
F/ 800-444-6645