Jupiter Associates (Materials)


Jupiter Associates is a SWAM certified vendor who can supply current products from almost all publishers/distributors who sell to resellers. They are recognized for fast, accurate and reliable customer service and order fulfillment. They supplied over 20,000 print titles and over 500 audiovisual titles to libraries in 2008. They provide the same level of personal attention for single title orders and bulk orders.  See contract for details.


Jupiter Associates Contract 2017-2020
Jupiter Associates Contract Renewal 2020-2021
Jupiter Associates Materials Contract Renewal 2021-2022
Contract Number: 2017-71500-01

Account Representative:

Phil Bansal
Jupiter Associates, LLC
12 Aiken Ct.
Malvern, PA 19355-1679
T/ 610-283-2560
F/ 610-321-0427