Ingram Library Services


In business for 44 years, Ingram boasts the largest on-hand inventory in the industry.  Services offered include their new Collection Analysis program (customizable to your exact needs), comprehensive collection development support, including standing order and continuations programs, as well as all-inclusive cataloging and processing services. Libraries may order books, spoken word audio materials, music, and DVD, and receive a full range of value added services customized to the library’s individual needs.  In 2009, libraries will be able to order e-books and downloadable audiobooks directly from ipage and manage collection building of both print and digital books. Comprehensive services detailed in proposal.  See contract for details.

Ingram Library Services Renewal 2016-2017
Ingram Library Services Renewal 2015-2016
Ingram Library Services Contract 2012-2015
Contract Number: 2012-71500-01

Sales Representatives:

K-12 and Community College
Annie Bice
T/800-937-5300 ext. 31308

Public Libraries.
Candy Ortman
C/919-302-4603 cell phone
T/800-937-5300 ext. 37471

Academic Libraries
John Chambers

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