In business since 1954, Gale publishing imprints include Macmillan Reference USA, Charles Scribner’s Sons and Primary Source Microfilm.  Gale also serves K-12 libraries with UXL, Greenhaven Press, Lucent Books, KidHaven Press, Blackbirch Press and Sleeping Bear Press imprints among others.  Gale currently supplies 15, 500 titles minimum.  Services include: after sale support for customers via their Customer Resource Center, allows peer reviewed content to be crawled and indexed through the open Web by internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo directly to your virtual library content and services from Gale, standing order options, special discounts for disaster occurrences, opening day collections, and foundation plans, and 24/7 technical support services.  Gale offers free shipping charges on all orders.   See contract for details.

Note: Shipping is free on pre-paid orders and all orders over $500.

Gale Cengage Renewal 2016-2017
Gale Cengage Renewal 2015-2016
Gale Cengage Contract 2012-2015
Contract Number: 2012-71500-01


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