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Demco has a long history of successful business operation. We started as a library forms business, known as the Democrat Printing Company of Madison, Wisconsin in the late 1800s. In 1925, our name took on an abbreviated form and was changed to Demco Library Supplies. Today, we simply go by Demco.

The key to our longevity has been our ability to predict and respond to our customers’ changing needs and transform our product and service selections. Among our goals is to help libraries innovate with flexible furniture for collaborative spaces, standards-based programming, creative teaching resources and user-friendly software solutions.

We offer standard or inside delivery, and service and installation as required. In order to qualify for the MALiA contract discounts, you must reference discount code C7A084. A $75 minimum order (after discount) is required for all contract terms to apply. Demco will pay for standard FedEx ground shipping on all stock orders over the minimum order requirement. Express parcel shipping is not included. Transportation will be prepaid and added to all drop ship orders, such as furniture and equipment. Demco provides good-faith shipping estimates on all orders. Demco offers 15% off on Supplies, 7% off on Learning Materials, furniture and equipment. Some exclusions may apply.

Demco Contract
Demco Contract Renewal 2019-2020
Demco Contract Renewal 2020-2021
Contract Number: 11-71500-02

Demco Discount Pricing 2019-2020 (Catalog Discount Code #C7A084)

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