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Brodart is a true library services company whose primary focus is libraries, serving schools, public library systems, universities, and the federal government. They have been servicing libraries for more than 75 years providing a wide range of material and value added services. They offer state of-the-art online tools, shelf-ready materials complete with cataloging and processing, bibliographic services, and consulting exclusively to libraries. Their experience enables libraries to choose the best option to fit their individual needs.

Brodart’s distribution facility manages over 265 thousand titles and five million volumes annually, and deals with more than 45 thousand publishers. Their inventory and purchasing profiles are based on the library market. Additionally, Brodart’s single inventory location in Williamsport, Pennsylvania enables them to fill orders quickly and efficiently. Their first pick percentage and total order fulfillment are among the highest in the industry.

Brodart’s Supplies & Furnishings Division provides a multitude of products to keep any library, large or small, running smoothly. The Brodart Supply Catalog lists thousands of items, from book-binding tape to globes and computer supplies.  From the trademark Brodart Book Jacket to custom printed signage, Brodart’s Supplies & Furnishings Division provides simple, cost-effective solutions to libraries and book stores.

Brodart Discounts and Pricing for Library Services

Brodart Supplies and Furnishings

Brodart Materials Contract 2017-2020
Brodart Materials Contract Renewal 2020-2021
Contract Number: 2017-71500-01

Brodart Supplies Contract 2016-2019
Brodart Supplies Contract Renewal 2019-2020
Brodart Supplies Contract Renewal 2020-2021
Contract Number: 11-71500-02

Brodart Bid Terms and Conditions for Library Supplies and Furnishings

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