Advanced Educational Products


In business since 1992, AEP provides access to an online database providing real-time price, availability, and bibliographic information on 1.5 million titles (of which approx. 600,000 titles are available for next-day shipment.)  All AEP customers receive one-on-one assistance from an Account Representative responsible for quoting, answering questions, processing claims, and expediting orders.  They offer approval, continuations, cataloging and physical processing services to libraries of all types.  Additional services include: online access, EDI, technical processing, and customized management reports. See contract for details.

Advanced Educational Products 2016-2017 Renewal
Advanced Educational Products 2015-2016 Renewal
Advanced Educati0nal Products Contract Part 1
Advanced Educational products Contract Part 2
Contract Number: 2012-71500-01

Sales Representative:
Sharlene Mellon
2495 Main St Ste 230
Buffalo, NY 14214
T/888-379-4365 ext 103

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